Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chat Time: Kitchen Inventions in sticky situations


When I hear the word ‘Inventions’, my mind conjures up a person in a white coat with frazzled white hair, glasses and pottering about in a science lab. There have been many a kitchen invention made that to kitchen god/goddesses can be deemed as a godsend. From the fridge to the oven which is now considered quite a basic in any kitchen, this never used to be the case.

Then we move onto blenders, processors and electric whisks. No more elbow grease and aching arms.

But what are you to do if you do not have these in your kitchen? It will be great to have all the lovely appliances in the world but that would mean a really large kitchen with lots of countertop space. Space, a large kitchen and kitchen gadgets at my disposal is something that I do not have. So in times of need, your brain starts ticking to find ingenuous ways of being able to do the same thing without aforesaid gadgets.

Here are a number of ways I found to replicate the same action:

Mortar and pestle – Do you have one? Lucky You! As I don’t have one in my kitchen, I managed to find myself a wooden bowl and a rolling pin to perform the same action.

Rolling Pin – Find yourself hardly baking that you never foresee the need to have one in your kitchen? Look for a wine bottle or jam jar, it takes a bit more effort but you will still get there.

Electric Whisk – Unfortunately, it will be back to the ancient method of a plain whisk and lots of arm action. On the bright side, think toned arms!

These are a few that came to mind and no doubt I probably might find myself racking my brains again when in a sticky situation.

What about you, what have you found that works?

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  1. I have used the glass/jar rolling pin, the same glasses I have also used as hammer, but this is a different story...
    I also don't have a scale, but I'm good at guessing!


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