Monday, March 26, 2012

Going on a Clapham Food Trail

Ms. Chocoholic took me on a food trail around her hood, Clapham.

It was a fun day checking out the local eateries and shops. Some of the outstanding food I had were in places which usually wouldn't even make you pause to consider.

I'm only going to mention the two eateries which I enjoyed.

The Fish Club

Prawns and Chorizo kebabs £9.45

Sweet potato fries £3.25

Fresh prawns with a bouncy texture. It was complemented well with the chorizo sausages.

Chunky sweet potato fries helped to provide that carb balance.

Located near the tube station is Roti Joupa, this tiny take away with just a few seats decked inside sells Caribbean food.

I use to eat Mac & Cheese but have reduce eating it as much as it can be quite an overload.

Ms. Chocoholic raved positively about their Mac Pie. I wasn't convinced when I noticed that a square of the Mac Pie was scooped out of a tray ( which appears to have been sitting there for hours) and placed into a microwave to reheat.

Reheated Mac & Cheese?

Macaroni and cheese

With the reheated Mac Pie in our hands, I noticed slivers of cucumber and and lime sauce ladened in the takeaway box. I took a bite and it was a surprise to the tastebuds.

I was expecting stodgy tasting gloopy elasticised cheese on hardened macaroni. Instead, though slightly stodgy, the cucumber and lime juice cut through the heaviness and I was eating a refreshing dish.

I wouldn't have thought that refreshing would be a word that I would associate with mac n cheese. On this occasion, it does and I love it.

I am happy to come back anytime for this.

The Doubles (roti bread + Dahl mix) is also another favourite of Ms. Chocoholic. On this occasion, it wasn't as good as usual and was on the soggy side. 

The Fish Club189 St Johns HillLondonSW11 1TH 

Fish Club on Urbanspoon

Roti Joupa, 12 Clapham High StreetLondonSW4 7UT

Roti Joupa on Urbanspoon


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