Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back at 2011 (Part 2) and Happy New Year!

Following from the first 6 months in 2011, what happened in the last 6 months...


July was a month of birthday celebrations for me with plenty of parties, a huge pink balloon and flowers greeting me at my desk (THANK YOU, you know who you are) and how could I forget, a birthday present (another BIG THANK YOU) at The Loft Project with Nuno Mendes at the helm no less. Another entry to the ‘Culinary Hall of Stars’ with the watermelon sashimi.

Birthday celebrations continued at Cardiff where I was delighted with my lunch at Madame Fromage in addition to losing my voice.

It was FATE! Like in the movies where two people glide past each other and never meet due to a few seconds more or few seconds less. I managed to bump into my Aussie friend from back in the days who was here on secondment and life became busier with another awesome companion to party with from punting in Cambridge to just catching up over afternoon tea.

Another bloggers meet-up at Chilli Cool this time where I met another kindred spirit in Sam@LifeOutsidetheViewfinder.


August was shocking with London being gripped for days with news and buzz of the riots and looting and fires. Sirens being heard throughout the night, a deadly quietness looms in the air the day after, I found myself heading to Dishoom Chowpatty.

Travelling did not stop as I rolled around the hills and sipped the wines that Tuscany had to offer and a local trip to York.

I finally made it to Leluu Supperclub where I still think our table HAD the most fun with newly met couple D&D.

Another culinary fireworks discovery was made with the Banana Bread with espresso mascarpone at St.Ali and the yummy water chestnut dumpling dessert at @Siam.


I was on a roll and attended another new entry to the supperclub scene this year, Plusixfive.

Then it was off to sample the delights that Cape Town and Johannesburg had to offer in South Africa.

I was also gripped with the book, Garlic & Sapphires by Ruth Reichl after Wen@Goingwithmygut recommended it.


I made pumpkin cake for Kavey’s birthday party, which I still need to pass the recipe to her.

An attendance at an interactive supperclub with the Codorniu Barcelona Supperclub where I learned in depth about Jamon and Cava and Catalan Cooking.


Chocolate was in the air in October where I truly overindulged myself from Chocolate Dinner at The Providores & Tapas to Chocolate Unwrapped and Chocolate Dim Sum.

I travelled to Budapest and Bucharest while managing to squeeze in some Indian-inspired cocktails in Soho and did a Japanese eateries marathon posts.


I hit the 100th London post mark which went to The Loft Project with Sam Nutter of Noma.

The “I don’t and can’t cook, I only bake!” in me pushed myself and cooked a dinner feast for some friends with a 3 course entrée, mains and dessert each!

With two months left and winter beckoning again, it was off to Copenhagen and Bangalore.


From twenty degrees heat to 2 degrees as announced by the pilot when I landed back in London, I made my way to newly-opened Pizarro.

Finally got around to posting about my two favourite Vietnamese eateries, Café East and Mama Pho as well as my long awaited foray to Broadway Market for some Bahn Mi.

How could I not mentioned about the magical Christmas in Brittany that I had.

Phew! Was that jam-packed or what? 

I’m sure I have also missed out on mentioning so many other wonderful people that I had the pleasure to meet with the likes of CinnamonandTruffle and CraftCakes and others who will remain unnamed.

Thank you to all the people who still remain in my life and to the new ones that I have met (Rob, 5 hour dim sum crew/Maltby Street dining crew/Brittany crew/Pizza trailing crew) for making 2011 the year that it is.

Now onto 2012…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 新年快乐!!Buon Anno!! Bonne année!!


  1. Looking like a great year!!!! :)

  2. Wow what a year and what a roundup! Here's to a brilliant 2012 - and to more Christmases in Brittany...


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