Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I went exploring around Wan Chai when I came across this store. I noticed quite a long queue and figured that this is probably another food that I should try. While queueing, I noticed a celebrity photo. Have a look at it to see if you can figure out who. He is one of my favourite TVB artiste. You can see from the pictures that this store promotes that their food was made the authentic and traditional way. Even the decor was olden times posters and the music playing was from the olden opera times as well.

Not too sure about what to buy so I looked at the previous customers for guidance. I bought the 碗仔糕和香蕉糕. I was quite excited about trying it as I've always seen 碗仔糕 in movies and shows. It taste quite creamy. By itself, it doesn't actually have much flavour, thus the flavour comes from the red beans.

I tried the 香蕉糕 after that. The fragrance of the bananas was evident immediately once I open the container. Smells soo good! I really like this one although my sis didn't really like it as the texture was too sticky for her. It was also a little grainy but I presume that that was how it was meant to be.
Total Score ~ 15.5/25
[Taste - 6 (10) , Presentation - 3 (5), Service - 3 (5), Value for Money - 3.5 (5)]


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