Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A recent trip to Canberra has seen me immersing my taste buds in food from the capital state.

I was recommended a Korean restaurant called Godori. The place was packed during lunch time and we had to sit outside along the pavement.

I ordered the Bimbimbab which came with miso soup as a set. The miso soup was welcomed warmly as it was quite a cold and rainy day.

Bimbimbab came thereafter in a hot stone bowl. They have one of the best sauce that you drip onto the bimbimbab that I have tried. The spiciness of the sauce blended really well with the vegetables and beef. Yum!

Total Score ~ 19/25
[Taste - 8(10) , Presentation - 4 (5), Service - 3.5 (5), Value for Money - 3.5 (5)]

Shp23/ 83 Petrie Plz
Phone: (02) 6248 8662
p.s. Just had to show this pic! The bird is hanging upside down on a tree..and yes, it's alive!

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